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Sunscreen is the theme of the summer skin care traditional SPF, containing grease composition, thus easy to cause skin, gooey sultry, oil, or even cause a variety of skin problems such as acne, blain blain! New sense of soft water concentrate waterproof and waste their dew in addition to have a high standard of UV protection, insist on oil free formula, confirmed by the experiment, the ultra light and soft water are concentrate waterproof and waste their dew on paper of oil absorption face, there won't be completely out of oil to produce! In addition to reduce the risk of skin oxidation, and create a lightness and unfeeling of the innovative texture of water resources, let this summer, the whole day can be breathable and efficient protection, not tanning! Scientific research results show that more than 80% of the exogenous skin aging is caused by ultraviolet light, especially the long wave ultraviolet UVA, its strong penetrating power, not only can through the glass, clothes and so on directly into the skin, and direct effects on the bottom of the skin, even the rainy day, it is all around, cause irreversible damage to the skin, let skin aging truly; Guangzhou aiqi bio-technology OEM enterprise laboratory found that there is no UVA protection, 6 months sun, skin preaged 12 years. Therefore, the perfect UV protection must be able to effectively protect UVB and UVA. V product efficacy: nanoscale technology of ultrafine titanium dioxide composition, light, smooth texture, can form a frivolous breathable protective film on the skin surface, prevent ultraviolet damage to the skin, prevent bask in segregation effect for a long time, isolate the ultraviolet ray comprehensive, prevent sunburn, tan skin, at the same time to prevent the phenomenon of premature aging of skin caused by excessive exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Plant essence, specially added special repair cell function, can effectively isolate the outside dirty air, dust, cosmetics, etc., at the same time increase the cell vitality and moisture, improve the elasticity of the skin, make skin moist and smooth, no burden all day. How to use: after cleansing your face and moisturizing each morning, gently pat on the face or need protection. Please apply the lotion 30 minutes before going out. Suitable for crowd: all skin, all people. Guarantee period: three years' ideal urban protection screen: 100 % mineral formula, providing you with protection throughout the day to protect against the sun's damage to the skin. Light texture for any skin, including sensitive skin. Protect the skin from the city's sun damage: provide 3 heavy light protection, uv UVA, UVB and infrared, and prevent skin aging and the formation of melanin and spots. Protect the skin from pollution and free radical damage: neutralize free radicals and environmental contaminants. Provide soft, smooth and tender skin. Create a thin film on the skin. Give soft and tender feeling, and make up for it at the same time. 100 % mineral formula, reflecting infrared ray, thus reducing the heat effect. Rich in white tea extraction, effective resistance to free radicals. Sunscreen effectively prevents the production of melanin, suntanning, sunburn, ability to stay young and moist. Sunscreen works by isolating the skin from uv radiation. Sunscreen when the choose and buy, not only as long as see prevent bask in coefficient, namely the UVA protection of PA, PPD and protection uv UVB SPF index, also look at sunscreen ingredients, to ensure safe and effective to use. Guangzhou YiQi biological technology co., LTD., the international research frontiers top ten cosmetics factory production base Have a first-class hardware facilities and production environment Mr Tain (synchronous WeChat) industry data report 13516649762 free sent to you know more products in the industry trend, welcome to learn together! We can offer wechat business sales channel program development plan, and there are successful case brands to provide the most advantageous service for enterprises with unlimited potential. Guangzhou aiqi aims to become the domestic cosmetics manufacturing preferred enterprise. Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit


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