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The independent brand
The independent brand
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Our factory was founded in 2004. It is one of the few factories in China which has licensed the regular legal perfume production license, and the GMP standardized plant construction. The company has two senior professional titles, four talents and more than 20 universities. After more than 8 years of development, our products have been exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia, Africa and more than a dozen countries and regions.

Processing products include:

1. Cream, massage cream series: whitening, removing spots, removing acne, controlling oil, anti-sensitive repair, sun protection, bright skin, wrinkling, anti-wrinkle, etc

2. Original liquid series: hyaluronic acid, collagen, liquorice essence, eye liquid, etc. Whitening, acne, anti-sensitive essence, VC liquid, polypeptide raw liquid;

3. Products of aerosol products: can be applied to perfume, skin care products, medicine, hair, etc. Status: liquid, cream, water, perfume, lotion.

4. Mask liquid series: whitening, acne, anti-sensitive, oil control, gold mask solution

5. Mask powder series: whitening, acne, anti-sensitive, oil control, gold mask powder (soft film powder), traditional Chinese medicine mask powder.

6. Perfume (perfumery) series: perfume of automobile, human body perfume, perfume, incense bar, steam mist perfume, aluminum filling and packaging processing

7. Water agent series: lotion, pure dew, shrinkage water, and water conditioning

8. Collagen mask series: crystal mask, collagen mask, gold mask, mineral mud mask

9. Pharmaceutical oil and essential oil series: efficacy herbs oil, essential oil, aroma oil

10. Color makeup series: isolation, sun protection, foundation, color makeup

11. Cleaning product series: all kinds of efficacy cleanser, cleansing surface, discharge makeup lotion (liquid), shower gel, shampoo, hand sanitizer and disinfectant

12. Special effects series products: hair removal wax, depilatory paste, hair removal wax, sun protection, removal of spots, removing scars, detoxification, breast enhancement, weight loss

E-commerce sales products: disposable mask, mask: red wine mask, jelly mask, ginger invigorate the circulation of face film, film of face of almond, mung bean mud mask, mask, gold and silver petals rose petals mask mask, chrysanthemum petals, osmanthus petals mask, jasmine petals mask, hand, foot, warm hand cream, chamfer grinding sand cream

Special effects whitening mask paste: after use, the next morning change white, not prohibited. Whitening, yellow, bright skin, pores, firming skin, repair skin at one time.

Second power peptide: two bottles of different peptides, which are added together when used, and immediately become lotions. It has immediate skin and wrinkle effect. Not only is it effective, but it's also very revealing.

Special effects except wrinkle facial mask: apply to the skin, immediately feel the silk protein in continuous tightening, after use, you can immediately tighten up the effect.

Special effects whitening and whitening essence: the combination of light glycyrrhiza, glycine, vitamin C, growth factor, Q10, etc. Treat the root and root, whiten, light spot, go yellow, collect pore, tighten skin.

Effect: week of effect

Special effects wrinkle cream: wrinkles are immediately visible.

Foot film: peeling, deodorizing, callus and beriberi

The company brand products series is complete, sincere recruit the agent, the dealer, the franchise shop.

The company provides professional cosmetics packaging design, planning, packaging and other services.

Service items

1. Product planning and product packaging design

2. Materials, formulation, packaging, production technology consultation

3. Semi-finished products, finished product inspection, packaging materials acceptance

4. Semi-finished products and finished product processing

5. Warehouse and freight management services

6. Quality inspection and hygiene agents

7. Enterprise certificate

(limited to products produced, filled and packaged by our company)

Process flow

Customers have a brand processing requirements to invite customers visit the factory, to discuss the brand product requirements with the client to provide some products formula model according to customer requirements, customer experience formula of the sample and feedback to improve the formula until both sides accept to customers choose OEM and processing contract, the customer advance JiaGongKuan - 30% according to the contract processing relationship effect to build customer profiles, product orders/shipment/production/junction model


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